Preventative Maintanance Service

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The first and most important sevice we provide for a treadmill or any piece of fitness equipment is preventive maintenance.  If your service provider is not currently doing this, consider our service contract. Below is a short list of the maintenance we perform . 

We vacuum the dust from around the motor and drive mechanisms.

A clean motor doesn't become clogged and overheat. this extends the life

of anexpensive major componat of your treadmill. Clean Hood and Frame.

Disinfect Hand Rails and Walking Belt.

Lubricate Chains and Bearings 

If your unit is chain driven, we clean the chain of excess dust, and apply a small amount of  grease to the chain, drive chain and elevation chain as necessary.

Check all Drive Belts

Drive Belts run your treadmill, a close inspection and adjustment will extend life. We also check amp draw and mileage.

Inspect Walking Belt and Walking Deck  

We loosen the walking belt until the belt is loose enough look underneath.

Raise the belt and inspect the deck and belt for wear.

A Full Written Report for your records on every unit we service.

Expect a full report of the repair/maintainance process that is easy for you to understand.